They dressed alike

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My name is Tommy and recently moved into a major city in Texas. After graduating college I joined this pharmaceutical company and moved for the company several times. Now I am 30 in a new city making new friends, and starting another new live. I liked living in Texas as people are friendlier than some of the cities that I lived in and certainly is easier to get around. I was doing some grocery shopping one Sunday afternoon when something caught my eye other than the fresh produce. There was this striking woman in her mid thirties with dark hair and large mouth with a smile to match. That was not what really caught my eye. She was with a young person that I assumed was her daughter and they were both dressed alike. They both had on leopard skin mini skirts, black knit turtle neck blouses, black hose, and knee high patent leather boots. I approached them with my cart and getting closer I could see that they wore their hair the same and makeup the same. I could see that they attracted the glances from fellow shoppers, not just myself. I was intrigued by them and carefully followed them around the store without being too obvious.

They got a few items and headed for the checkout counters. I cut my shopping short and followed behind them in line. They checked out and I watched them leave the store as my groceries were being rung up. Afterwards I exited the store and saw them drive away in an older Cadillac. The image of those two stayed in my mind for several days. I knew I had seen the older one before but could not remember where. The next weekend I was at the nearby shopping mall checking out some new cologne, when I remembered. That woman worked at the cosmetics and cologne counter at the upscale department store in the mall! I immediately left the store I was in and walked to the other end of the mall where the upscale store was. I walked in the main entrance and there she was behind the men’s cologne counter. She was more conservatively dressed in a black outfit with the same dark hair and the same big smile. As I approached the counter she asked if I would like to try this new cologne that just came out. I could see on her nametag that her name was “June”. I tried a complimentary spray and chatted with June while judging the cologne. She was new to the city as well and had been working at that store for almost a year. The cologne was good but not a favorite but I bought some from anyway. She gave me this big smile along with my change. That smile drove me crazy for several days.

A few days later, I had stopped by the grocery store after work to pick up something quick for dinner. Going towards the deli counter, I spotted June in her work outfit.

I walked next to her and said, ” Hello June.”

She turned around with a surprised look and smiled widely, “Well Hello.”

“I wanted to thank for suggesting that new cologne” I smiled “I have received so many compliments about it.”

“It is a very popular, people really like it” June grinned, “You are nicely dressed today, anything special?”

“No just for work” I said, “I’m in pharmaceuticals and you have to dress well to sell to the doctors. So, do you live around here?”

“Just down the street in those Vanguard Apartments. And you?” she inquired.

“Actually I’m closer to your work over in those Operetta Town houses” I replied.

“Very fancy place, you must do alright” she smiled.

“I have months that I make good money and months that I don’t but overall I do well enough to live there.” I replied and seeing that she seemed interested, I asked “Would you like to have dinner sometime, I mean if you aren’t married or going with someone?”

“I’m divorced” she smiled, “I would love to have dinner.”

“Well what is a good day for you?” I inquired

“How about this Saturday night?” she asked, “I am off work this weekend and my daughter will be at a friend.”

“OK” I grinned and handed her one of my cards with my home phone on it. She seemed impressed and I asked for her number which I wrote on the back of another card of mine. “I’ll call you tomorrow and we can make some plans.”

“OK, love to hear from you” she smiled, “I’ll see you later then.”

I waved goodbye and left the store without buying anything. I got into my car and drove half way home and realized that I was still hungry. Not wanting to look stupid going back to the supermarket, I pulled into the drive thru of the nearest fast food place. I called the next evening and talked to June for more than an hour. I was to pick her up that Saturday night at seven and this special seafood place was on the agenda. I picked her up at her place at seven. She was dressed very sharp in a slinky black outfit with spiked heels. We had a great evening over lobster talking about ourselves. June had married young and was divorced for about two years. She had lived in a small town in southern Texas but moved after the divorce. She had one child, a daughter named “Summer”. We chatted through the dessert then took her home early so she could be there when her daughter came home from her friends. I gathered she was very protective of her. I pulled up in her apartment complex and asked if she enjoyed the evening and would like to get together again. She said she had a great evening and wanted me to call her next week. We lightly kissed then she left to her apartment. After seeing that she got in safely, I drove home.

We had several more dates over dinner and movies. I was the first person that June was interested in and starting to have a relationship with since her divorce. One weekend June asked me to come over and meet Summer. She was going to stay with her father over the weekend where we would see her off than we would have the weekend to ourselves. I came by that Friday evening and knocked on their door. Summer opened the door and invited me in. It was the only time that I had seen her since that day in the supermarket. She was cute as the day I first saw her dressed in a tube top and blue jeans. Summer was rather tall and slim with bright blue eyes and short dark hair. I introduced myself and we chatted while her mother was packing Summer’s bag. A few minutes later June came into the room with her daughter’s suitcase. She was dressed in the same tube top and blue jeans, only I could see that June was braless. June fixed me a drink and then made one for herself. The three of us sat around talking and really got to know more about Summer. There was a knock at the door and June asked me to wait in the kitchen. I knew it was her ex husband picking up Summer and it would save some awkwardness.

I waited while June talked with her ex for a few minutes. He sounded like a real hillbilly. After I heard Summer saying goodbye and the door shutting, I reentered the room. June gave me a big sexy smile and big hug. We decided to go over my place and spend some time as she had never been there before. We drove the short distance to my townhouse and along the way she caressed my chest and legs which she had never done before. It seemed like I was going to get lucky with June that evening and I did the whole weekend. Her big smile gave the greatest blow jobs. After that weekend, June spent many nights at my place and I spent many at hers. Summer didn’t seem to be concerned when I would be in her mother’s bed in the morning. She enjoyed my company as we talked a great deal and there was some connection between us. I was surprised to see they continued to dress alike around the house, sometimes in the same night shirts and black lace panties. This is when I could get a peek with neither one of them noticing. One evening when Summer was out with some friends, June and I were lying nude in bed, making pillow chat after a pleasant love session. June looked into my eyes and said, “I have something to show you.”

I thought she was going to model some lingerie but she continued, “We have been together for several months and I have come to trust you. Summer has too.” June left the bed and began to rummage in her closet. After a few minutes of noises from moving boxes, June had a photo album in her hand. She got back into bed and after snuggling next to me, she placed the photo album in my lap. June smiled, “I have a girlfriend who does glamour and boudoir photography on the side and she did these for me. Actually she talked me into it and shot these for free.”

“Sounds like a fun hobby” I grinned, “Lets take a look.”

June opened the cover of the album lying on my lap and revealed the first photo of June. It was a glamour shot with her in a teddy with a fake sunset background. She did look very sexy in this shot with her hair and makeup accenting her sexuality. She flipped through the next few shots which was more of June in various lingerie outfits. These shots were fairly tame but I told June that she looked so hot and sexy in these. June then picked up the open album with both of her hands and placed it on her lap.

“If you liked these, I think you will like the rest even better.” She grinned. She began to flip through a few more photos with her in soft focus and posing topless. These were much better and I could feel my cock getting hard. The next shots were of June posing in the nude but with drapes of white muslin cloth hiding the best parts. Her girlfriend knew what she was doing as they were very erotic photos.

“My friend did some glamour poses of Summer” she smiled. She began to flip through the next several pages of Summer modeling fashion clothing against fake backgrounds. Summer was very sexy in the miniskirt and boots outfits. “Tell me what you think of these?” June asked. The next few pages were of Summer in the same lingerie outfits and I could see that June got an answer as my cock shot straight up. “You can see why I had a good friend do these.” said June “And we got a little nastier as the session went on.”

The next few photos had Summer in reclining artistic nude poses which revealed only her nude butt. She was extremely beautiful in these shots. June proceeded to more similar shots until she flipped to one where Summer was in just garters and fishnet stockings. “Summer in very beautiful, isn’t she” said June and I whispered back, “Yes he is.” I felt like telling June that I could have jacked off to that photo all day. The last few photos were of Summer and June together in the nude doing artistic poses with those drapes of white cloth. The last was of June cuddling her naked daughter against her breasts. June closed the album. Her hand moved across my thigh and slowly caressed my cock. “I see that you liked the photos” she smiled wickedly. “You are the only person to see these besides me, Summer, and my girlfriend. I felt that we have this special relationship where I could trust you.”

“The photos are great.” I smiled, “I wish that I could have been there. Maybe your friend could shot some of me and you together.”

“Maybe, I could arrange that as my friend is very close to me and extremely discrete. I would like to some nude shots and you… and your nice cock” she smiled. Her hand was spreading pre cum along the length of my cock as her stroking began to get tighter and faster. “Maybe she could take some of us having sex? I would love some shots of me sucking you. Does that turn you on?”

“Yes that does” I whispered, “I would love to have someone watch us and take photos. Would that turn you on too?”

June nodded as she stroked me faster. She whispered in my ear, “I got really turned on when I was posing with my daughter. Especially after that last pose. When I got home, I had to play with myself and get off.” Her voice was so soft and sexy as she told me her feelings.

“How did Summer feel about the photos?” I asked in a low and slightly trembled voice. I really felt like this was an inappropriate question but I had to ask. June just smiled while my finger slipped into her wet pussy. She moaned slightly as my finger began to circle her clit. Then she whispered, “She enjoyed doing the photos. Summer is a very open minded girl. She gets that from me not her father. She enjoyed doing this very grown up thing. She and I are very close so posing together was easy. We really had a lot of fun doing those.”

June moaned again as I had one finger on her clit and another moving in and out of her pussy. I had to ask one more question, “Do you think Summer was turned by doing them too?”

June mumbled out, “I don’t know, maybe.” Then her wide mouth covered my lips and her tongue played with mine. After a few minutes of kissing, she began to place a trail of small kisses down my chest until she reached my cock. I began to finger her faster as her lips surrounded my cock. She stiffened her back and moaned with my cock in her mouth. She looked up at me in while enjoying her orgasm. Her eyes were so wide and lost in the feeling. She was still stroking me as I groaned and shot my load into her face. It was the first time that I had shot my cum on her and she seemed to enjoy it, smiling as she wiped the cum from her cheek and forehead. I ended up spending the night. I got up early that morning and saw Summer getting herself ready as I left for my townhouse to get ready for work. I gave both girls a kiss goodbye. On the way home, those photos ran through my mind. I don’t think that I could think of Summer in the same way anymore. A few weeks later my work was sending me out of town for a week of special training for a new line of drugs. June drove me to the airport that Sunday and within a few hours I was basking in the warmth of the California sun. The training was rather boring but essential to selling the product to the medical community. I called June on the Monday and Tuesday evenings and we chatted for hours. I went out to dinner with several of the company executives on Wednesday and when I called June, it was rather late for Texas time.

“Hi honey” mumbled June, “I was sound asleep. What time is it there?”

“Umm, around 9:00″ I said glancing at the hotel alarm clock next to the bed.

“So what have you been up to?” asked June in a clearer voice.

“I had to go to a dinner with some of the company execs.” I replied, “They are not much fun but going out with them is part of the job. I would have rather been back earlier to talk with you. Sorry for calling so late.”

“Oh that’s alright” sighed June, “I was having the nicest dream about you when the phone rang.”

“What kind of nice dream?” I asked.

“The kind that makes my pussy wet.” laughed June, “Are you dressed?”

“Well, yes” I said in surprise.

“Honey, take those clothes off and let me tell you about my dream” June said deeply into the phone.

I began to take off my clothing while trying to hold the phone receiver to my ear with my shoulder. Soon I was naked in bed and stroking my cock while June described in vivid detail how I was fucking her. She occasionally let me know how she was touching her pussy and her voice became huskier and more out of breathe as she continued. I began to talk more and told her how I would fuck her in the ass for the first time. June was getting close to having an orgasm when I said that we would let her friend take pictures of us while I was fucking her. With that thought, June moaned over the phone as she pleased herself in a nice orgasm. I was pumping my cock hard and fast as June clearly spoke in the phone about having me cum and shoot my load in her face. With that thought, I didn’t have time to grab for some Kleenex as cum shot from my cock onto the hotel blankets. After enjoying my orgasm, I told June that I came all over the bed. She laughed and made some jokes about sleeping in the wet spot and what the maid would think. June would have liked to have some more pillow talk but she did have to get up early for work. She wished me pleasant dreams and ended the call. I spent the next half hour rearranging the blankets then went into a very blissful sleep. The next day was the usual training but I was day dreaming about June and the wonderful phone chat we had. When I called June when I got back to the room after the day’s training session. Summer answered the phone.

“Hi Summer” I said cheerful

“Hi Tommy” Summer replied, “How is your trip to California?”

“A little boring really” I said

“Oh, California is supposed to be a fun place” said Summer

“If I was on vacation it would be” I said, “but this is work and kind of like being in school. I’m in classes all day and not much to do in the evenings except review my notes and call you. Is your mother home?”

“She is out” said Summer, “Mom called and said that someone is having a baby and her work is having a little party for her. She said if you called that she might be back late and that you should call back tomorrow.”

“Oh OK” I replied

“You can still talk to me if you like?” said Summer rather anxiously, “Are you bringing me back anything from California?”

“Well yes to both” I said, “I really like talking to you Summer. I guess it gets kind of lonely at the house when your mom is working. I have something nice that I bought for you and your mother.” I hadn’t really bought anything but now I would have to find something clever before I flew back.

“Kewl, surprise us! said Summer in delight, “My friends are always showing me the stuff their dads bring back for them on business trips.”

“How was school today?” I asked

“It was alright, I guess” she said

“Sounds like it was not a good day” I said as her voice sounded somewhat down.

“Well school is OK” she said ” but…… some days I get along with my friends and some days I get so mad at them.”

“Sounds like one of those bad days” I said comfortingly, “Trouble with boy friends or girlfriends?”

“Yeah” said Summer, “Both. My girlfriends are acting weird and the guys don’t know that I exist.”

“Summer, you are pretty, I can’t imagine that the boys are not chasing you.” I said

“Sometimes I think that I am too smart” she sighed, “I like being smart and I guess guys aren’t interested in smart girls and my girlfriends get real jealous because of my grades and stuff. Besides most of the guys are looking for the blonde cheerleaders. Not much luck for dark haired girls.”

“I am sorry to hear that” I said consolingly, “I think that the guys are missing out. I guess this is a bad night for you with your mom out and no friends to chat with.”

“Well, I’d rather chat with you anyway” Summer said cheerfully, “I think you are really cool and so nice. It is really nice to have you in our lives. I know that mom is happier since you are around.”

“Thanks” I said, “Can I ask a rather personal question?”

“OK” Summer pensively replied, “What.”

“Well what is it with the two of you dressing alike? I asked

Summer laughed, “I thought you were going to ask a hard question. I don’t know, we sort of do that for fun. I guess we started doing that after mom and dad’s divorce. It makes mom feel younger and I feel older besides we love the attention and looks that we get. We just like doing that and it sort of a routine for us to match.”

I laughed and said, “Are you and June matching today?”

Summer chuckled over the phone and paused. “Well sort of. I mean we all have birthday suits under our clothes.”

“I see” I replied, “I’m sorry if I called at a bad time.”

“Oh no problem Tommy” Summer said very sweetly, “I was just out of the shower when you called. I like talking over the phone when I’m naked. In fact I just like being naked, a lot.”

The photos of Summer ran through my mind as I continued speaking with her. All during this conversation, she was lying nude in her bed. “Well, nothing wrong with that” I said cheerfully, “I enjoy relaxing that way too.”

“I guess you know mom is really into being naked” said Summer

“Oh yes” I lied but I really didn’t know June was into nudity except when se was in bed with me.
“Not like we are naked all the time but a lot.” She explained, “Mom is really cool about stuff like that. My friend’s mothers are really prudes about that. Sometimes my girlfriends come over just to hang out naked in my room. They think mom is really cool about that too. I don’t know why she hasn’t been more open when you are at the house.”

“Maybe” I said, “She was waiting to know me better or wasn’t sure about me being naked around you.”

“Oh, I think mom knows you pretty well.” said Summer, “maybe she was looking for a way to tell you and see how you feel about it. I mean, without suddenly everyone walking naked around the house.”

“June is a very cool person” I said, “Nice that she is so open with you.” As the conversation was continuing, I was removing my clothing and soon I was as naked as Summer was supposed to be at the other end of the phone. “I guess she was looking for the right time. I would not have a problem with it. Would you be OK if I was naked around you?”

“Oh sure” Summer cheerfully replied, “I think you are very good looking and wouldn’t mind checking out you out. I mean I have seen nude guys in pictures and videos but not for real. I think I would like that.”

“I don’t think you would be disappointed.” I said as I looked down at the hard cock. “I would have imagined that you had been there, seen that, with a boyfriend or something.”

“Oh no Tommy” she said, “guys are looking for big boobed blondes, not me. I’m still a virgin at a lot of things. But I think about it a lot”

“I see” I replied as I started to stroke myself thinking of Summer lying nude in bed. “You enjoy a little private time once in awhile?”

“Private time?” asked Summer

“Yes, time when you can indulge yourself in private thoughts and please yourself if you feel like it.”

“Oh, jillin time!” she exclaimed. “Sure, I have never heard it called private time. I do that a lot. I mean mom is so cool about that. She lets me do that anytime I want and is OK with it. It makes me feel so good. I mean if I don’t have a guy to have fun with, why not?”

“Of course, why not” I replied, “Guys like a little private time just as much as girls.”

“Probably more from what I have heard.” laughed Summer, “Guys are always talking about pulling on their dicks.”

I asked playfully “So were you about to have some private, I mean jillin time, when I called?”.

“Tommy!” said a surprised Summer, “You are being a bad boy. If you must know, yes I was.”

“Would it surprise you that I was going have some time myself? I said.

“No I’m not surprised, just surprised that we got into this conversation” she said.

“I hope that I haven’t offended you.” I said.

“No, not at all.” Summer said cheerfully, “Just a little surprised, that’s all. I mean I never thought that I would be in a conversation about this with my mom’s boyfriend. It’s kind of cool though. Have you ever done with another person?”

“Like having sex?” I asked

“No, you silly” she laughed, “I mean masturbated with another person.”

“Sure when I was younger” I laughed, “Guys do that a lot in their teens and of course adults touch themselves or each other as part of sex or in place of it”

“I never thought about it that way” she said in a soft voice, “I thought that you stopped when you had real sex. Do you and mom do it?”

“Hmmm, well I don’t know if your mom wants you to know anything about her sex life or ours?” I replied

“Oh come on” Summer replied sweetly, “We are being too open not to stop at this point. Tell me. Do you and mom watch each other touch yourselves?”

“Well, yes we have” I replied as I felt my cock getting wet from oozing pre cum. “Sometimes, we touch ourselves just to watch each other cum. It is very beautiful to watch. We have even done over the phone.”

“Cool” Summer said in a soft voice, “Is it fun? Does it feel good?”

“Not as good as real sex or being with your mother” I said, “But it is very nice and very exciting. I was real turned on. So tell me Summer…. is your pussy wet right now?”

I could almost see Summer blushing over the phone as she quietly said, “yes”. I almost came when I heard her softly say that. There was a second of awkward silence then Summer continued. “Tommy, you are such a bad boy! So… what are you doing now?”

“I am lying on the bed naked stroking my hard cock” I whispered back.

“Ummm, sounds like we both need some private time” whispered Summer, “You want to get off on the phone? I would love to try that.”

“Are you sure that you are OK doing that?” I asked, “Your mom would be awfully mad at me and you.”

“I’m OK with it” said Summer in her most grown up tone. “Besides, it is me and not some stranger and it is not like you are really with someone. If mom doesn’t know, then where is the problem? Soooooooo….. how do we start?”

“OK” I said, “Tell me how your pussy feels?”

“Oh Tommy” she whispered, “It is so wet. My fingers slide so easily into my pussy slit. It was that almost oily feel and my clit is so hard. It feels so good when I lightly run my fingers over it.”

Then I said in my sexiest voice, “Take your wet finger and put it in your mouth and suck on your finger for a second, then stick it back in your pussy.”

“Ahhh, won’t that taste gross?” asked Summer

“Try it, you’ll see.” I said. I could hear the phone shift on her shoulder while she sucked on her finger.

“That tasted different but nice.” said Summer, “That was really a nasty thing to do. My fingers and pussy are so wet now. I feel so good.”

“How do your nipples feel?” I asked.

“They were soft like normal, but they are real hard now” she said.

“Take one of your wet fingers and lightly rub the tip if each nipple” I directed

“That feels nice” she sighed, “It almost tickles.”

“If I was with you” I said, “I would be licking those nipples with my tongue and sucking on them.”

Summer let out a quiet moan and said, “Ummmmmmm that was a nice small one.”

“Spread your legs apart, Summer.” I said, “Rub your clit with the fingers of one hand and stick a finger with your other hand in you. Push your finger in and out.”

“I am rubbing my clit so fast, it really feels so good. I can only put my finger in so far. I’m still a virgin.” she heavily breathed, “I really like to put my finger in my ass. Is that OK?”

“I love it” I said quietly, “Get your finger real wet and rub around your hole”

“OK” whispered Summer

“Now, slowly push your finger in and out. Tell me when your finger slides all the way in.” I said as my hand stroked my cock ever faster.

“Ohhhhhhhh that feels so good “exclaimed Summer,” My finger went in as far as it would go. I moving it in and out. God that feels good.”

“OK Summer” I directed, “Now, put your finger all the way in and place your thumb in your pussy hole. Keep rubbing your clit.”

“Hmmmm” cried Summer, “This is the best Tommy, make me feel good.”

I could hear her heavy breathing, low moans, and the tremor in her voice. I knew that she would be having a major orgasm soon. “You feel real good Summer?”

“Yessssssss” she stammered.

The next sound I heard over the phone was Summer screaming in orgasm and honestly, I was groaning over the phone as I was cumming. I couldn’t help but shoot my load over the bed sheets. Damn, the maid in the hotel must love cleaning this room. I waited a few seconds before calling out her name. “Summer? Are you still there?”

There was a pause, then this giggly voice that replied, “I’m here. Oh Tommy, that was great. I’ve had some good jillin times but that was the best. Did you get off?”

“Oh yes” I replied, “I kind of lost control and came on the bed sheets.”

I could hear Summer laughing before responding back, “I bet. Well, when you come back from California, maybe we can do this in person instead of over the phone.”

“I would like to do that Summer” I said softly

“Me too” she replied, “You know I have never seen a guy cum, for real. I mean just in videos and stuff. I really would like that. Look, it is getting late and mom will be home soon, so let me hang up. I’ll leave a message on the kitchen table that you called. Maybe mom will call you back tonight or tomorrow if her party is out late. Tommy, this was real fun and I’ll talk to you later.”

“Me too.” I replied, “I had a wonderful time with you. I can’t wait to do this again. I’ll talk to you later, bye.”

I heard Summer say “Goodbye” and I hung up the phone. I was surprised that I ended up having phone sex with June’s daughter but it was so good. I hoped that June didn’t find out either. I wasn’t sure how she would react. I drifted off to sleep with a smile on my face. After training the next day, I called June’s house but no one was home and I left a message. I was surprised not to get a return call that night. The training on Friday ended earlier that planned and I had a few hours to enjoy the city. I found the store that sold knock offs of brand products and bought 2 matching Coach hand bags for Summer and June. After doing the tour, I called June from the hotel. She was glad to hear from me and would be at the airport on Saturday afternoon. I asked her about the party at work. She had a good time but got home late and didn’t want to disturb me. She said that they had a power failure on Thursday and lost any phone messages. Saturday came quickly and before I knew it, I was on a plane that was headed back to Texas. Soon, the plane landed, I departed the gate, and headed down the terminal towards the baggage area. I could June and Summer waiting by the baggage claim conveyor. I could see the looks they were getting from the other passengers. They were dressed alike in black Capri pants, red leather jackets, what looked like white blouses underneath, and tiger skin boots that went about 3 inches above their ankles. Again, their hair and makeup were alike. I got a big hug and kiss from June then received the same from Summer. It was the first time that I realized that they hugged and kissed alike as well. I got this sly look and smile from Summer as I broke away from her and began chatting with her mother. My baggage finally came around and we walked towards the parking area.

I put my bags in June’s trunk and then opened one suitcase to retrieve the Coach handbags. They were overjoyed to get them and surprised that I spent so much money on them. I made like it was a big deal but actually the handbags were inexpensive knock offs. I took the happy family to lunch. I was hungry as breakfast had been many hours ago. We went to one of our favorite casual restaurants and soon we were ushered to a table. June and Summer removed their red leather jackets and sat down. I could see that both of them were braless. Not that you could see through the white blouses but by the way their breasts jiggled when they moved and how the shape of their breasts formed against the blouse material. Needless to say, service was great and very attentive by the waiter and bus crew. I had to be careful as I was looking at Summer’s breasts more than June’s. June was a 34B with nice large brown nipples while Summer was rather flat chested with small pink nipples. Summer’s nipples seem to harden each time I looked at her. After lunch, I asked June to drop me off at my place. I wanted unpack and catch up on my mail. June was going to make dinner and I told her that I would be by around seven that evening. She pulled up to my townhouse and I got out and grabbed my bags from her opened trunk. June stuck her head through the open car window and we kissed. I waved goodbye to Summer who waved back then I dragged my bags to the door while they drove off. After catching up with a week’s worth of mail, phone messages, and email, I drove over to June’s apartment.

I called on the car phone to let June know that I was on my way. She said the door would be unlocked and that I should come right in. I went up to the door and was about ready to knock when I remember what June said. I twisted the doorknob and let myself in. Her living room was completely dark with the exception of several large candles burning on the table. I called out June’s name and heard no response. I walked over to the candles and saw a note on the table. It read, “Follow the ribbon for your surprise, xoxo, June”. A wide white ribbon had been taped to the edge of the table and I put the ribbon between my fingers. I followed the ribbon, letting it smoothly slide through my fingers, through the darkened apartment. As the ribbon leads me to June’s bedroom, I could hear new age music coming from her room. The ribbon ended on her doorknob and I opened the door to see June on her bed in very low lighting. June was lying on her stomach in the nude with white fishnet stockings and white spiked heels. She had her elbows on the bed and her chin resting on her upraised hands.

“Well hello stranger” June said with a big grin, “Glad to have you home.”

The air was heavy with some new perfume that June had on. I took a deep breathe and said, “Glad to be with you. This is quite a surprise!”

June rolled on her back and looked up to me and grinning, she said, “You might as well get comfortable, it is going to be long night.”

I smiled back and began stripping off my clothes as June watched me undress. Once I was nude, I slid onto the bed next to her. We kissed for several minutes with our tongues sliding in and out of our mouths.

“You really missed me” smiled June

“Yes, I did” I smiled back and said, “If I travel anymore, I am taking you with me.”

“You didn’t seem to be so bad off with out me.” grinned June, “You loved our little love chat on the phone.” She began to fondle my cock as it grew in her hands. “See, you are getting hard just thinking about it. I loved getting off on it too. I thought it might be fun to do something like that again before you screw me all night.”

“Hmm, like what?” I asked playfully

“I thought I would read you a hot story and watch you play with yourself” she smiled, “Would you like that?”

“I don’t think that I have ever had someone read a nasty story to me before” I smiled, “I would like that. Then I want to pump my cock in you all night”

“Well get relaxed while I get one” she smiled.

June briefly left the room and I propped myself into a reclined sitting position on the bed with my back against a pile of pillows. June returned with some printed sheets of paper. “This is one of my favorites. I downloaded from Lit erotica” she said as she reclined on her side with one arm propped up to support her cheek. She smiled as she looked me playing with my cock before she started. A voice at the door said, “I want to hear the story too!” It was Summer. She opened the door and walked in. She was more beautiful that I had imagined. Again dressed like her mother, Summer was nude in white fishnet stockings and white spiked heels. I realized that they were even more alike as I noticed June had shaved her pussy as well. She slipped onto the bed and lay between me and her mother. Summer had this wonderful silly smile as she glanced at her mother and then at me.

“Summer liked your phone call so much, that I asked her to join.” laughed June as she watched my face turn crimson red. “Tommy, it’s OK. There aren’t many secrets between Summer and myself. I just wish I was here to listen in.” June chuckled with some self delight. “I think we can be more open with each other. Well, relax and enjoy the story”

June started to read from the printed sheets. I never had anyone read an erotic story to me before but I loved it. June was reading in her sexiest voice about a story of a father and her daughter. I looked over to see Summer fingering her pussy with her eyes closed and a pleasurable smile on her face. She was more that I had imagined over the phone and I couldn’t resist the temptation any longer. I eased my body next to Summer’s feet and kissed my way up her legs, along her inner thigh, and replaced her finger with my tongue. Soon I lost track of June’s words as I delighted in pleasing Summer. I had never tasted pussy, so sweet and so smooth. Her hard clit wasn’t very large but I could get it past my lips to where I could suck on it and rub it with my tongue at the same time. I moved my hands along the sides of Summer’s body and traced my fingertips over her breasts. She was rather flat chested but she had the hardest little nipples which I rolled and squeezed with my fingertips. Summer had a quiver throughout her body which I knew was experiencing a nice orgasm. I glanced up to look at the expression on her face then glanced over to June. Apparently she had lost interest in the story and was intently watching me eat her daughter. I could see that June had lost several fingers in her pussy.

I returned to concentrate on pleasing Summer. She was continually moaning and taking deep breathes as I worked my tongue on her clit. Her body shook then relaxed some as I still kept up a relentless tongue rubbing on her clit. I lifted her legs up where I could lick along her pussy lips then push my tongue into her pussy hole. She was indeed a virgin and my tongue would only go in so far. I pushed my tongue in and out of that half inch distance which Summer was really getting off from the sounds she made. I lifted her legs a little higher where I could slide my tongue further to where I was licking her ass. I licked her rosebud for a few minutes getting it very wet then slowly worked my way back to her clit. My tongue pushed hard on her clit and Summer screamed into a huge orgasm clamping my head between her closed legs. I relaxed and rode with her legs until she relaxed and her legs fell to the bed.

I slowly climbed to a sitting position and wiped her pussy juice from the sides of my face. I watched Summer as she relaxed with an occasional tremor in her body and a satisfied smile on her face. I looked over at her mother. June was smiling and looked to be feeling good herself. She reached over and gave me a passionate kiss.

“That was so beautiful” she whispered. “I have never watched anyone do that before. She is so pleased and happy. You seemed to enjoy yourself.”

“It was great” I whispered back, “I have never tasted pussy that sweet.”

“It tasted that good?” she asked

“Yes” I said

“You know I have always fantasized about that” grinned June, “I don’t think that I could be bi but wondered what it was like to eat pussy”

“You will never have a better chance than now” I smiled mischievously, “You will never have a better tasting one either. Go ahead, try it, and see what Summer tastes like.”

June gave me another passionate kiss and then like a cat rolled next to her daughter. Her face was next to Summer’s hips and grabbing her hips, rolled Summer on top of her. Summer followed her mother’s movements like a relaxed rag doll. I could see June smiling at me between her daughter’s spread legs. Her tongue darted into Summer’s open swollen pussy lips and then judged the taste for herself. She must have liked it as June put her daughter’s pussy into her mouth and examined any part with her tongue. Summer lay on her mother with her face against her mother’s thigh and her arms along her mother’s leg. Summer was “ohhing” with each lick and occasionally biting her mother’s thigh. She lifted her head and groaned as a her body shook with tremors.

“Stop mom, please stop” moaned Summer, “I can’t take any more. I love it but I need a rest, please stop.”

June reluctantly honored her daughter’s request and rolled her limp body off of her on onto the bed. Her mother and I propped the limp from ecstasy body of her daughter against a pile of pillows. Summer had this classic open mouth smile as she whispered “Thank you. that was wonderful.”

Summer was sitting against the pile of pillows and had a great view of her mother and I on the bed. We were kissing and giggling then June ran her tongue down the length of my chest and place my hard cock in her mouth. I had closed my eyes and savored the feel of her mouth and tongue on my cock. June was licking down my shaft and over my balls as I opened my eyes to see Summer watching intently. Our eyes met and she grinned wickedly. Her mother returned to pumping her mouth up and down on my cock.
June asked after feeling my cock start to swell, “I think you are ready to cum. Are you?” I nodded yes. She said, “I want Summer to see you cum. Stand up on the bed!”

June positioned herself next to her daughter as I struggled to stand on the unsteady bed mattress. June put her hands on each side of her daughter’s face and said, “Summer, pucker your lips and try to make them into a circle.” Her daughter did and then June commanded, “Tommy, come over here and fuck her in the mouth.” I shuffled my feet to where the tip of my cock just touched the edge of her pursed lips. I stuck my cock head slowly into Summer’s lips and it felt so good. Then I pushed my cock into her mouth. I began a slow pumping rhythm of my cock going in and out of her mouth. I looked down to see June grinning wickedly while holding her daughter’s face as I pumped my cock in her mouth. I started to groan as I could not hold back and started to cum. One shot landed in Summer’s mouth before June pulled my cock towards her and rivers of cum landed on June’s face and hair.

I got off one last shot before falling onto the bed. I could see Summer was thinking about the taste in her mouth and then looking at her mother and broke into laughter. I thought June looked very sexy with cum on her but I could see that her daughter thought she looked funny. Strangely enough my cock was still hard from all this excitement and then pulled June on her back and started to fuck her hard. Summer was getting the show of her life and we enjoyed her watching us. We changed positions often. Sometimes I was on top, sometimes June was, and sometimes June was on all fours. It seemed that we were at for hours with June moaning and screaming with excitement and sometimes Summer would be fingering her pussy and her ass. Finally I was ready to cum again. I had June on her back and her legs over my shoulders as I was pumping hard. The end of the mattress were flopping up and down, each time I pumped my cock hard into June. Then I just came with a flood of cum shooting into June’s pussy.

We laid there for several minutes, breathing hard and enjoying the pleasure. It was already late into the evening and we knew that it was time to rest. Summer didn’t say a word to us. She kissed each one of us, put on her white spiked heels, and walked out of her mother’s bedroom to hers. I wondered as how beautiful her ass moved as she walked out in the stockings and heels. I knew that I would be fucking her ass sometime soon. June and I cuddled for awhile then feel asleep. I woke up the next morning and found the girls had already been up, showered, and making breakfast. I showered quickly and joined them in the nude for coffee. This was the start to my long relationship with June and Summer. Eventually they moved into my townhouse which was larger and nicer. June and I were married a year later. The all night parties with her and her daughter never stopped.

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