Punjabi bro fuck sister

Hello friends this is a real incest story. My name is Samson and my sister is Rani. We are twin. We were born in 1961 in Punjab and left Punjab when we were 4 yrs old. We grew up in UK. As kids we shared one bed. Parent had only 2 bed room flat. We started school we had to go to different school. When we were 10 years old our parent uses to take us to the movies on Saturday daytime. English movie .when we turned 12, they let us go our self to movie in day time. At school we made few white guys and girls friends .Rani had friend girl name Judy, she had bro named Jim .Rani and Jim liked each other. One day Rani asked me if she could bring her friend Jim to the movie on Sat. Rani told me that Judy will also come her bro Jim. I said it is ok with me .so we started going to movie with them. After a month or so Rani told me that she and Jim kiss each other and Jim is her BF .but doesn’t tell mom/dad. Rani told me that Judy really like me too. OH I said, Rani smiled .Next Sat when we went to movie Judy sat next to me and Rani sat next to Judy and Jim was at the end .girls were in middle and we boys were on the out side. There were not many people in the theater we sat in the back row. Soon Judy started to kiss me on my lips and I responded too , I saw that Rani was also kissing Jim. Judy put my hand on her boobs and kind of made me rub them I liked doing that with that she was kissing me passionately. and soon was rubbing my cock through pants. I got hard .Then the thought came to my mind about Ran, sure she was doing the same thing Judy was doing. First I got angry but soon realized that Jim’s sis is doing the same thing to me and he is not up set ,so why should I be upset.. I started to enjoy .My hand moved from boobs too her pussy. There I could feel the heat from her pussy .That was the only thing we did that day.

Rani and I talked about it on the way home .She told me that she enjoyed it with Jim .I asked have she had sex with Jim yet? Rani said not yet ,But I and Judy did 69 we both enjoy oral. I said to Rani ,u mean you licked Judy’s pussy ?Rani said yes it was great
Next Sat we went to movie again. Again for our luck the theater was quiet empty we sat on the same place ,in the same position .In half way of the movie while Judy was kissing me and rubbing my(cock) Lunn, she took my cock out of the pant and was masturbating it .I looked at Rani she had Jim’s cock in her hand too. His cock looked bit smaller then mine. I was about 5” then. After a while Judy put my cock in her mouth and started to suck. boy it felt well in warm mouth .she knew what she was doing. I saw Rani was sucking Jim’s cock too ,I saw her head going up and down, could not see his cock going in her mouth, because Rani’s head was in the way .It sure looked good and strange to see sister(Behan) sucking cock in front of bro. We made this routine .few times we boys sat in the middle and girls on the out side. When they suck we both could see them sucking the other’s cock, and girls use to hold each other’s hands while sucking our cocks. I fantasies about Rani sucking my cock. But then the thought come to mind: am I crazy ?Brother should protect sister not fuck her .It is wrong to think this way. But I sure enjoy watching her suck cock .Judy told me that Rani is very good cock and pussy sucker. Depend of the reply and comments in next part I will tell how we started to fuck. Send reply to [email protected] yahoo ID samson6u9.

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