My sexy mom

Hi ISS readers I’m writing this story for the first time which was happened in my real life. I’m doing my mba from a local collage located in Hyderabad. I’m good looking well built physique. I had some girl friends in my graduation and had sex with them very terrifically. But I felt that I was missing some important thing in my life that is none other than my mom.

She is a good looking lady, house wife, with a charming fair skin I have lust on my mom from my child hood as I had a very large fantasy about sex my mom don’t had a habit of wearing bras and panties the blouse which my mom wear in home will be of very thin through which I can see her complete breast easily whenever she will wash her face and become wet it was very easy to see her areola and dark nipple of her she had a very big size of boobs around 38d which will make me mad.

My family is of four me mom dad and young brother. Dad is a busy business man always busy with work and my brother is doing graduation. On one day after I joined in mba college I got a chance to fulfill my fantasy. It was happened so on one fine day when my dad has gone to out of station and not expected to be back within 4 days & for my luck today my brother has also moved to his friend house to stay there for 3 days. I have got enormous thoughts to fuck my mom as she was a religious lady wont agree to sleep with me.

I have planned in a different way as I have got one sleeping pill from near by medical hall and my mom had a habit of drinking coconut water regularly I have gone out and got coconut for her after our dinner I gave that water mixing the powder of sleeping pill in it my drank it and with in a short period she gone for bed. After some time conforming my mom is in deep sleep and called her by name in her ear there was no response slowly I have removed her saree, then blouse as shee was in deep sleep it was not noticeable by my mom now my mom was in her petty coat and nothing else in no time I have removed it also and I also became nude.

Immediately I got on top of her and sucked her breast wildly as such one can see my strong teeth marks on that and kissed her on her lips I was almost on heaven kissing and sucking my mom boobs. I have did this for 20 mins and my hard on became a 8″ steel rod and I was unable to control it and slowly I have spread her legs and slowly inserted my dick into my moms pussy this is the moment which I was dreaming from my childhood it was almost 1:00 in night my mom is getting conscious and immediately I have switched off light and moved to mom bed and within no time I have inserted my dick in my moms pussy and by the time she got consciousness I was fucking her very badly. She was in a shock to see me in such a situation she asked me to stop it but I have continued it very badly within few seconds she started to cooperate me she started moaning aaaaahhhh and I have increased my rhythm on her even she is enjoying it a lot almost after 30 mins of struggle I have cummed in her it was a wonderful experience to do that after another 1/2 hr again my penis became erect and ready for battle but mean me and mom haven’t seen each others face and not even spoke a word to each other

By the moment I became erect once again I got up on my mom now again she asked me not to do that and almost put her waste efforts to stop me but all has gone in vain and this time for another 1 hr I have ride her which we both enjoyed a lot as because of my previous experience I made her feel as in heaven with in no time which made her to stop her to resist force against me and we enjoyed a lot that night.

There are so many such experiences of mine if I good response as it was my first story writing in ISS I will post my remaining experiences please mail ur response to my mail Id: [email protected]

Any ladies or aunties or grannies aged more than 30 in and around Hyderabad and secunderabad want have a nice sex with me so don’t forget to mail me I promise u that ur identity will be kept secret and my identity is also to kept secret mail me. bye and meet in next story MY MAIL ID: [email protected]

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