Mom with son

Hi this is Kumar I want to tell a story about my Chinna Amma and also her name is Sarala my name Kumar the story had happened recently when I was studying in lower classes my amma used to take me tuitions and they were three sisters all of them takes tuitions I was very keen to go tuitions because they all were friendly to me and my classes were over and I completed my studies and I become a graduate .and all the three were teachers they all got married with in that period of time one of them was married by a uncle of me itself and other two were married in our place itself I was friendly with every three of then but after marriage I didn’t met the younger aunt after a period of time they bought a land near our house they built a house there and began to live there we were simply have no talking only when seeing her we will talk the story start from here.

I was in the holiday for about three weeks and went to my chinna amma house where they were staying in chitor. Her name is Sarala. She looks like a sexy figure and she does not have any children. She loves me a lot than every one. I had a good physique, where every girls/woman can attract very soon. One day what happened is I went to her native place where she lived because my uncle was expired 3 years ago. She was worried a lot. So on my holiday I went to see her. She had a sugarcane field and it’s the time to take all the sugarcane from the field, but still it had got about one month to go. So I had been there at that time, she was in the field pump set she was taking bath with no dress. And there was holiday for all the workers.

I went in search for my amma Sarala; she was near tank taking bath without any dress. I went near the tank were she took bath and called amma. She got scared instead of covering her naked body she stood calm and asked me when u came, I said just now and ur neighbor said your r in the field. And Sarala did not shave her pussy and she got a huge boobs. she said nee poise sit in the room were we had a small hut type house were they can take rest. I went there and my amma came there with a towel covered and said let me change the dress.

I was in full tension my chunni is growing in my lungi and don’t know what to do. She opened the towel and asked me have u seen any girl naked, I said no because I used to be in a hostel till I complete the studies. She said come near and stand. I went near her and saw her beautiful breast and khudii (cunt) which is covered with hairs. and she said check whether any one is there near by the field. I went out and checked there was no one because it was about 1pm in the afternoon. so no one was there. I said her there was no one. She said close the door. And come near me I have a back ace and my left thooda has got a pain can u help me messaging them. I said ok and went near and pressed the back of her shoulder for sometime and suddenly my chunni started touching her chuth. She was enjoying and touched my penis and asked ur is touching my body let me see. Guys judge what would have happened next. Any girl’s r aunties are interested pls keep in touch @[email protected]

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