Lovely Priya

Hi to ISS and ISS fans. I am a very big fan of ISS stories and its great fun to read every one’s sexperience. So I decided to share my sexperience with all ISS fans. Let me introduce myself first, My name is Raj Shah (unmarried) and I am a 27 year old Gujarati guy living in Mumbai. My physique is a bit muscular and I also have a good personality and looks. My cock is of full 7 inches and 2.5 wide and really turn hard like iron. I am working in a Multinational Company. It all started Read more Sex

Maya Varma a sweet memory

Hi friends, I am raj again. I am around 22 only and now working in one of the g.c.c countries since last one year. This is my second contribution to your fabulous site. Here I am trying to describe the nice experience happened in middle east, but definitely the first was one was already published where I revealed my true feelings for the most special woman who patiently and selflessly introduced me to the fantastic world of sex. That one was she, my first woman. To be true I got Read more Sex

Sex Tution from Reena -2

‘Then she unhooked her bra also and I could get a perfect view of her juicy melons with pink hard nipples, she stood with a naughty smile. Then suddenly she started unbuttoning my shirt and she removed it and then she looked at my trousers and she saw my erection. She whispered in my ear that I am naughty and telling I did not want but was fully prepared for it. She removed my trousers and I just stood there in my underwear, squeezing her melons with my both hands. She embraced Read more Sex

Sex Tution from Reena

Hi friends, I am Gopal, All of you enjoyed my story "Enjoying Swathi". This story is about my early age when I was a college student right now in Bangalore; I want to share my very true bhabhis fantasy with u all. I was 18 years old at that time. I lived in Bangalore, our family was very conservative and talking about sex was a taboo thing those time se. Even the movies with little exposing scenes my parents never allowed me to see. Frankly I never had much knowledge of sex at that Read more Sex

Deepa Satisfied

Hi iam shreya kumar, sushils sister iam wenclosing a story of my brother , in his own words He is sushil kumar . Now iam aalwing himm t o continue . I am a lecturer in a very famous college in coimbatore.I am a muscular guy. though ihad many affair in my college days .noneof them ended in sex. after joining in job only i thought of those missed golden opportunities.However my character was gentle .ladies though it is safe to mingle with me. i was considered as a genius as Read more Sex

Sex lessons from radha madam

I am studying BSc Final Year. Radha Madam teaches us Chemistry. She is plum but very good looking with sharp nose and she appears very sexy to me. Her sexy figure drives me crazy. She got 36D size, firm and protruding boobs, which drive me crazy. She got big buttocks, which I crave for. I fantasize about fucking her and masturbate almost every night by banging my cock to the pillow thinking that it is the Radha Madam. When I told my friends about my fantasy, they laughed at my taste. Read more Sex

A real tution

Laxmi was a real hot girl in my school.we both were studing in the grade 11 together.Though we aren't in the same class we go to the same tution centre. In that tution centre we used to write the tests on sunday mornings.But on that lovely day we had special class and so we had to write the test in the afternoon.I previously confirmed with laxmi that we could write the test together at 3 P.M... Both of us arrived at 3 in the afternoon..There was no one in tution room.We contacted Read more Sex

Sir & his pupil

It was a late May day, and Kamla was sitting thru her favorite class, social studies, taught by her favorite teacher,Ashok kumar. She had the class every day 8th period, and kamla always tried to stay as long as she could in the classroom after school so she could stare at Mr. Ashok Kumar and his boner she prefers to have extra assignments, misbehave in class, or just ask for extra help, just as long as she could remain close to him. Unfortunately for Kamla, the semester was rapidly Read more Sex

Tuition to auntie

Hi ISS readers! Let me share experience during my study days. I was studying my Masters Degree course in Delhi and at the same time preparing for the IAS exams. I came from middle class family who can afford my hostel and study expenses. I needed extra money to finance IAS coaching. I decided to take tution. Through newspaper advert I found a place where I have to take tution for two kids who are in 5th and 7th standards. The owner is a Punjabi lady in thirties with fair skin and Read more Sex


Hi! I am Sameer and this is the first time I am writing to you about the experiences I can never forget. I hope you can relate to it, since it was the sort of opportunity which comes in every man's way, but, only a few lucky ones can grab it. I have been working in an office which has equal number of females as males. Most girls are from middle-class backgrounds, with a lot of "moralistic" shit ingrained into them. But, one girl, Sonika stands apart. She is pretty, slim (except at Read more Sex